What I forgot to pack…

Hey friends!  I’ve been quiet, haven’t I?  Probably not smart for a brand new blog.  But not to worry – my hope is more regular posting from here on out.

The reason I’ve been quiet?  There are a few things I forgot to pack when we moved from Minnesota to Arizona.

Joey in a box

No, not Joey.  We remembered him.

I am actually not sure what kind of box I would have used for the two things that I forgot:

Motivation.   And discipline.

Drive to an office every day, get stuck in traffic, rush to pick the kiddos up from after school care to get them to sports, scouts or church?  During a day like that, I can find motivation and discipline.

But give me an open schedule and sunshine?   Ha!   It’s gone.

It seems a little counterintuitive to me.   Lazing around, watching hours of daytime television (the talk shows mostly…although I am learning that many of my favorite Days of our Lives characters are alive and well) and having constant access to my fridge and pantry should lead to gobs and gobs of joy.

But not so much.

Instead I reach the end of a day feeling defeated – even though I haven’t really done anything to feel ‘defeated’ over.   After some reflection, its because I have a passion and a purpose for myself – to be a writer – and I’m not fulfilling that passion and purpose.

Ducks In A Row Collage 1

So I’m taking action.   I’m working my way back to look like the girl in the pics above.  We were living in Europe, I had two LITTLE kiddos (that baby is now almost eight and that little leather jacketed dude is almost 10), but I was feeling way better about myself.

Those were the days that I was the most slender I’ve been in adulthood.  I know, I know – it isn’t about the number on the scale.  But how I’m eating and drinking and being active does matter.

And you might be wondering how that ties into writing?

When I get up in the morning and move first thing it kick starts that motivation that I forgot to pack.

And motivation and discipline help get me #backtojoy.  Good intentions create good moods.  And happy moms.  And happy kids….but that’s a post for another day.

Abe Lincoln Quote“But wait. Jenny!  What’s the action you are going to take?” you might be asking right now.   Well,  I’m going to take part in a lifestyle challenge that starts next Monday.  It’s all based on a book called “Game On” (linked on Amazon).  It involves:

  • Regulating your eating (either counting calories, going Paleo, WW, etc. etc.)
  • Exercising 20 minutes a day
  • Drinking 100+ oz of water per day
  • Taking on one good habit (for me it’s make sure I’m dedicating myself to meditating and devotionals)
  • Losing one bad habit (no eating in front of that darn TV)
  • Communicating — you play on a team, and you have competitors.  ‘Cause…the best part?

You could win money.   Are you interested?

Seriously.  Think about it.  We start Monday and it is really easy to take part – a $40 ‘buy in’ and we aren’t selling anything.  It’s literally a private group on Facebook with a lot of great people who want to be more healthy – cheering each other on and competing to get the most points each week.  You could get that $40 back at the end of four weeks PLUS more.



Come on…

You know you want to.

~ ~ ~

Comment below, and let me know so I can get you more info!