A new chapter

The story of our lives is an epic novel, right? If that’s the case, then I’m turning the page to the next chapter.

Today is a special day in this next chapter, because it’s World Tourism Day.

I know you are thinking, “yeah, yeah Jenny, it’s just another one of ‘those days'”. And I’d usually agree with you.

But this time, I’m not going to. For a few reasons:

  1. Tourism {AKA travel}, is one of my passions in life. If I were a billionaire, I would spend all of my time traveling to other parts of the world.
  2. THIS World Tourism Day is a special one for me… because I’m launching my new career as a travel agent!

Why a travel agent, you ask? It combines my love for travel, my love for helping and serving other people and a few skills I’ve gained over the years like researching, planning, and organizing.

Not to mention, I get to do this job out of my home, so I get to be available for field trips {while they’ll still have me, ha!}, pick-up, drop-off, and the itty bit of homework I can still help with. I mean, this fifth grade math is making me question if I learned ANYTHING in grade school!

Essentially, I want to be people’s go-to travel gal.

  • You want me to book your cruise, flights, hotels, rental cars or any other travel adventure? I’M ON IT.
  • You want me to come up with some ideas for an upcoming spring break or summer trip you have planned as a family or a couple? I’M ON IT.
  • You want me to get your spring break trip to Phoenix planned because you know you will be ready for rest, relaxation and let’s face it –WARMTH? I’M ON IT.
  • You love Disney, and want to plan a cruise, park visit or other Disney adventure? I’M ON IT.
  • You are dreaming of a Game of Thrones overseas travel experience? I’M ON IT {and yes, that exists!}.

Essentially, I want to bring your life the joy of travel. I’ll do that as a travel agent, if you’ll have me. I’ll bring the joy, plus make it easier AND hopefully cheaper for you to go on that next trip.

AND! I’ll still be writing here too! Just expect that travel will be a key part of how I write about ‘handling life with joy’.

So tell me…on this WORLD TOURISM DAY. Where do you want to go next?

a year off.

I took a year off.

The problem is, I didn’t realize I was doing that until the year was over. I figure I would have enjoyed it a bunch more if I took it for what it was… ‘a year of rest’. I turned 40, moved to Arizona and took what my body and mind likely needed — and I was lucky enough to be able to experience — a year of transition and settling in.

I was hard on myself though. Worried I wasn’t working on anything. I’d write a blog post every 3-6 months. I felt like I wasn’t contributing. And for some reason, in my mind… that is evidently a great sin.

So. I’m letting go of what I thought were missed expectations of myself over the last year, and accepting the year for what it was.

Now, it’s on to the next chapter. Taking my passion and my skills and bringing them together to serve others. Excited to share that with you later this week!

Tell you more?

So you want me to tell you more about my plan for the blog, don’t ya?   What you can expect to hear from me, and all of that good stuff.

Well, I’m all about giving you what you want…so here you go:


I’m going to give you a bunch of joy.   That’s all.

box cheerful color cute

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Ha!  Just kidding.

There’s more.

I’ve thought about joy a bit recently, and I feel like there are a few different ways to approach this subject, and to find joy.

Joy Makers:   These are moments and the things {and the all of the good stuff} that make us joyful.  I think I’ll reprise our on-going bucket list; because checking items off of that always made for joyful moments for our family.  Not only that, but this will be when I share just overall life stuff.   PLUS!   I’m working on a healthier lifestyle, because friends — even as much as I hate to admit it, when I’m being healthier…I’m more joyful.

Joy Givers:  People {Ellen Degeneres…my hero, Will Smith), books (The Bible, The Secret), movies, TV shows…all that good stuff that brings me joy?  I’m going to share it with you…so hopefully it can give you joy as well.

Joy Seekers: Hoping that I’ll get a chance to collaborate with other bloggers and writers that are seeking joy and positivity.  These are the posts that would highlight them and share their motivation and missions.

And let’s be frank.  No one is joyful 100% of the time, especially me.  So I’m going to share that with you to, and we can work together on getting #BackToJoy.

~ ~ ~

So tell me… what are you hoping I write about?   Tell me all the things!

My new ‘job’

For a girl who’s blogged before, I’m nervous about this.

Doing what you’re afraid of, getting out of your comfort zone.  Taking risks like that – that is what life is.  – Amy Poehler

meThat’s me, nervously pointing at the computer.   Or giving a thumbs up?  Or maybe both…

I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to be at home rather than trudge in a car, bus or train to a full time job.   It’s the opportunity to follow my dream, and become a writer.

The thing is, the hardest thing for me, as I make my way down this new road is to call myself a writer. I question: When will I actually be a writer?

black ball point pen with brown spiral notebook

Photo by Tirachard Kumtanom on Pexels.com

Last week, as I was volunteering at the kiddo’s school someone asked “do you stay at home?”  My answer immediately was “yes”, with a quick under the breath “and I’m doing some writing as well.”

My hope is that very soon I’ll be answering those questions, with “Yes, I work at home as a writer” and not feel like a fraud.


Is there something you are thinking about taking a chance on?  What is it?   What is holding you back?

Life: Handle with Joy…begins.

And so it begins.  Another blog.

I blogged a few years back when our family lived in Europe and I was at home with two toddlers.  It was about our adventures overseas, and checking off items on my bucket list.

You know…handling life with joy, via adventures!

From July of 2013 through August of 2017 I was working full-time + and didn’t focus my time on writing.   But the entire time I was still in pursuit of joy.

So here we are, meeting again – this blogging world and me.  My goal here is to share the joy in my life, and build a community where we are all in the pursuit of finding joy and handling each day with the reminder that joy exists all around us.

Does that sound too cheery??

sunset sun horizon priroda

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I get that not all days are sunshine and flowers.  But when we are in pursuit of joy…when we are intentional about living a life with joy, it can be easier to locate the sunshine and flowers.


What are things in your daily life that you can always count on as “sunshine and flowers”?   Your goofy, funny kids?  A favorite coffee drink?  Share in the comments below!