Who is this girl anyways?


Well, I’m Jenny.



  • a joy seeker
  • a mom
  • a wife
  • a daughter
  • a sister
  • an aunt
  • a friend
  • a Minnesotan
  • an Arizonan
  • a Christian
  • a WRITER
  • a traveler
  • a marketer
  • a TV & movie watcher
  • a bit of a #bachelornation junkie
  • a photographer  & photo lover
  • a weight watcher {like I do weight watchers…and watch my weight, I guess}
  • a #hopewriter
  • a bunch of other things too!

My purpose is to find joy in life.  While not every day is going to be roses and sunshine all day long, my hope is that I can help you to find joy in some way each day.