My new ‘job’

For a girl who’s blogged before, I’m nervous about this.

Doing what you’re afraid of, getting out of your comfort zone.  Taking risks like that – that is what life is.  – Amy Poehler

meThat’s me, nervously pointing at the computer.   Or giving a thumbs up?  Or maybe both…

I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to be at home rather than trudge in a car, bus or train to a full time job.   It’s the opportunity to follow my dream, and become a writer.

The thing is, the hardest thing for me, as I make my way down this new road is to call myself a writer. I question: When will I actually be a writer?

black ball point pen with brown spiral notebook

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Last week, as I was volunteering at the kiddo’s school someone asked “do you stay at home?”  My answer immediately was “yes”, with a quick under the breath “and I’m doing some writing as well.”

My hope is that very soon I’ll be answering those questions, with “Yes, I work at home as a writer” and not feel like a fraud.


Is there something you are thinking about taking a chance on?  What is it?   What is holding you back?

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